At Robert Half, we take well-being seriously and understand that everyone’s needs are unique. Our benefits programs are designed to support all aspects of life while empowering each of us to connect, thrive, and grow along the way.

Start saving for retirement now

It’s never too early to plan for retirement. Whether you are close to retirement or just beginning your career, contributing a little, like 1% or 2% of your salary can quickly add up to big savings. The Robert Half 401(k) Plan makes it easy to save and invest for your future. Enroll in the 401(k) at any time. There is no waiting period. It’s flexible! You can contribute as much or as little as you want (subject to plan and IRS limits). Plus, you can change your contribution at any time. Savings made easy. Your contributions are taken directly from your paycheck. Ready to enroll? Visit netbenefits.com/easyenroll or call (800) 835-5097.


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This document is a Summary of Material Modifications, as required by ERISA. Your 2023 Open Enrollment materials, insurance contracts, plan documents and Summary Plan Descriptions together comprise the official plan document which legally governs the administration of your benefit plans. Robert Half reserves the right to terminate or amend your benefit plans in any way and at any time.

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